Sunday, August 3, 2014

Word Work & DIY Magnets

Hello, all! I was having a discussion with a fellow blogger a week or so ago, and finally came to the realization of why I don't post much over the summer. I have nothing to blog about! Now that I'm gearing up for the next school year, I've got LOADS to share! Also, I gave my blog a LITTLE facelift... Added some navigation buttons at the top and spruced up the side a bit. Hope you like!

First of all, I just posted a new product! my Word Work Bundle is jam-packed with 87 pages to get your littles practicing their spelling words! There's some pages designed to be used with any list, and there's some pages that focus on Dolche's 1st and 2nd grade list. Check it out!

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300 × 300

I also posted a picture of the magnetic letters I made for my kids to use at the word work center, and I wanted to give you a quick demo of how I made them... SUPER EASY!!

First off, you'll need a few things:
-Magnets: I found ones that are .75 in. wide.
-Circular hole puncher: it should be the same size (.75 in.)
-Strong, clear glue
-Clear glass marbles (should be roughly the same size as your magnets)
-Scrapbook paper

To start off, I zipped my scrapbook paper through my printer to print out the numbers and letters I wanted to make. I tried using a sharpie to write the letters, but the glue made the ink bleed. Printer ink = no problem. If you get the same size magnets I got, I used KG Primary Penmanship size 42... All her fonts are FREE for personal use, so check them out!!

Anywho, Once you've got your numbers/letters punched out, add a small amount of glue to the magnet and press that sucker on top. You'll definitely want to do this part on some newspaper or a craft table. I used the sports section, since it's rather useless in this household. You might have some glue squeeze out the side... Just wipe it away. Add another small amount of glue and press the glass marble right on top. That's it. It's seriously that easy.

I made an alphabet set and some fun ones to use on the board, and I'm in the process of making numbered magnets to use for lunch count... Stay tuned for how I'm going to use them!!

Good luck and have fun! The possibilities are endless :-)
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Stephanie Seigel said...

Very cute! I love the magnets! I tried the glass marble idea from Teacher Tipster a couple of years ago, but the sharpie kept rubbing off of the glass. I think I still have them in a cabinet somewhere in my I know what to do with them! Thanks, Andrew!

Stephanie from First Grade Bangs

Just A Primary Girl with Mrs. H said...

Side job = blog design. Awesome!!!!