Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Heyo! I'm here, having survived 4 in-service days in a row!  They were actually beneficial, which made the whole week (which had the potential to be rather painful) go by much faster!  We went through intruder training, which was just as scary as it sounds, but I left feeling empowered and prepared.  I also had the opportunity to present TWICE during those 4 days... Once on Daily 5, and once on Spelling City during a technology in-service, which was pretty neat!  I actually just blogged about some of the features of spelling city over on Collaboration Connection.  Go check it out!

Collaboration Connection

Anywho, there's been lots going on in life and I wanted to share some pictures!

First of all, and most importantly, I said "I do" to my best friend 3 years ago today... Isn't she gorgeous? She's a keeper.

I had the chance to play Anthony in Sweeney Todd, a part that I've been singing in the car for years... Totally a once in a lifetime experience.
 That's me as a sailor!

 Had to hold a real gun. I think I peed a little.

My romantic counterpart is another teacher in my district... Ha!

I had my students make these picture frames as end of the year gifts for their parents... I absolutely love the way they turned out.  Picture frames from Michael's for $1 (plus teacher discount) and props from the Dollar Tree.  I put bulletin board paper over my whiteboard and wrote the words "When I grow up, I want to be..." then had the students tell me what to write on the chalkboard. 

I've got lots of posts in the works, AND a giant giveaway, too (I just hit 1,000 followers on instagram!) Stay tuned!
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