Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Shopping!

So, I was in my classroom sorting through my book bins, and I decided that I needed a little break. Will post about my classroom library soon, when it's all done. My classroom currently looks like a bookshelf exploded... There are literally books everywhere while I try to figure out how I want to group them!

Here's what I found today...

These were all at Michael's. I especially love the miniature alphabet sets - I plan on putting them out in my Word Work area. I'm always looking for cheap/fun cards to use as thank you notes, so was happy to find the card packs in the dollar section, too! And I couldn't pass up the window clings. I'm an impulse buyer. #sorrynotsorry

The rest of my purchases were from the dollar spot at Target. Fun patterned pencils for my prize box, tons of fun post-its (if you live in the Harrisburg, PA area... sorry, I bought all the light bulb post-its!) I'm especially excited for the chalkboard speech bubble! I have a Cat in the Hat poster outside my door and I'm going to put the speech bubble coming off of it so he can leave fun messages for my firsties!

AND, there's a bagillion Dr. Seuss things there, too! There's socks, plates, bowls, pencils, erasers, flash cards, bags, bookmarks, you name it. It's Seuss crazy right now. Go. Run. Try not to buy too much.

Have you had any fun finds recently?


Mrs. Thompson said...

Hi Andrew! I'm your newest follower. I love all that stuff you bought! I got some cute pencils at the dollar spot too but I really need that chalkboard speech bubble!
Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Thompson
Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)

Teach With Laughter said...

You scored some great deals! We have a Target opening this fall and I can't wait!!
Teach With Laughter