Friday, July 12, 2013

Chevron Bulletin Boards (and Vacation Pictures!)

I'm a huge fan of covering bulletin boards with fabric as opposed to paper. All those little holes in the paper bug me, and the paper is also, well, boring. Last year as I was setting up my classroom, I went to the clearance rack to purchase fabric... One of the ones I got was great, the other was not a good idea... The monkeys seemed fun at the time, but they ended up being extremely distracting and I ripped them down halfway through the school year. This year, I was determined to find fun fabric that had patterns, NOT pictures. And find it, I did! JoAnn Fabrics is currently having a sale (which they almost always are) on some really cool fabrics. The whole wall was 40% off, plus the teacher discount of 15%, I essentially paid less than half-price for all the fabric I got. WIN. Here's what I got...

Grand total for one large bulletin board and 2 small ones? $14. And all the borders were found at the Dollar Tree. Yes, even the awesome owl one! I'm excited to start filling them up with all my new Daily 5 stuff and my "I Can" Statements

If you like to cover your boards with fabric (and if you don't, I recommend it) go check out the stuff that's on sale at JoAnn Fabrics... There's chevron in practically every color, as well as TONS of other really cool stuff. It was definitely hard to narrow my choices down to only 3!!

AND, here's a few of my favorite pictures from our little European getaway :-)

Climbed up this ridiculously tall bell tower in Split, Croatia... terrifying.

Our hotel in Venice, right on the canal... 

I was more than a little excited to be riding a gondola, if you can't tell... That's the bridge of sighs in the background, connecting the doge's palace to the prison.

At the temple of Zeus

The Parthenon

 Mykonos, Greece. Other than Venice, this was my favorite stop.

We were bending down to get our picture with Petros the pelican, and he stuck his neck up into my face and we screamed and this picture perfectly captures our surprise :-)

Anybody else go somewhere fun this summer?


Karen Rowland said...

I love your pictures! It looks like you guys had a blast! Also love the fabric - you got a great deal!
Karen Rowland
Adventures With Firsties

Julie Marciniak said...

Love your pictures!
I would like to start planning a similar trip to Europe especially Itsly! What can you recommend in regards to travel agents and packages? Would love your advice!

Sandy said...

I LOVE your bulletin boards!!!!! And it looks like your vacation was amazing! I've always wanted to go to Italy!!! We are going on a cruise to Alaska later this month! Now I'm heading to JoAnn's to look for fabric!!! :)

Soaring Through Second

Wendy Arentz said...

Oh Darn, I wanted to ask you all about your trip today. Time flew! It was so nice to meet you and Mrs. First Grade in person!

Yannick said...

Hi Andrew

I'm a French 1st grade teacher (I also tought in San Francisco during 9 years) and I just love your idea of covering bulletin boards with fabric ! Eventhough I'm a fabric addict I never had this great idea ! But I think I will try this year... I give you one of my tips: I cover some of our "cahiers" -notebooks- with wrapping paper instead of notebookcovers... and kids love it !
Take care, Yannick