Saturday, July 20, 2013

Calling all PA bloggers!

This coming Wednesday, a few of my new PA blogger friends and I are getting together for lunch in Harrisburg. I'm starting to get really excited!

Click the picture to sign up :-)

If you're a PA blogger and you'd like to join us, head on over to Read With Me ABC and check out the info... Would love to meet as many of you as possible!!



Catherine N. said...

Hi Andrew, I love your blog! I just found you through First Grade Delight. Your classroom looks wonderful! Love that you're from Hershey, PA. I had a blast at Hershey Park two summers ago with my bro's family. I think Milton Hershey was amazing, too. Enjoy the rest of summer!

First Grade Top Dogs

Nick R said...

Looking forward to meeting you! My wife and I will be there!

Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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kheila dunkerly said...

Jess and I are excited for the meet up too!
Two Friends In First