Friday, January 11, 2013

Too Funny Not To Share...

I've got a real post in the works, but this first grade comment was too good to pass up... First off, we had a half-day of school today for in-service... yay/boo!  My kids were slightly off their game, but nothing too ridiculous.  We also filled our warm fuzzy jar, so i made them choose we voted on lunch and a movie in the classroom.  I'm all about those rewards that require no extra effort on my part.  Anywho, I digress.

As we were cleaning up from lunch and packing up to go home at the same time, one of my dear little female firsts came up to me and asked me the following question, in this sweet and shy little voice...

Student: "So, Mr. V, do you think, maybe, that you might sometime wanna, like, come hang out at my house?"
Me: "Aww, that's ok, no thank you."

...I'm fairly sure I was asked out by a first grader.

Hope I didn't break her little heart!

Enjoy your weekend!