Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Barf City

Oh my garsh. Flu season is in full swing at my school. I had 7 kids out yesterday AND my aide was out too. Needless to say, the day was a little nuts! We just read Ruby in Her Own Time, and I was planning on having my little firsts make time-lines. Well, it's a little hard to start a project when you're missing 1/3 of your class! I felt like we were SO unproductive. Today I only had 3 out, so we were able to start the project this afternoon. 


Some of my kids who WERE there should NOT have been there. This afternoon, I swear half my class was complaining that they were about to throw up. I've gotten pretty good at determining whether or not a child is about to vomit in my face, and these kiddos weren't faking it. Praise baby Jesus, none of them got sick in my room. Been there, done that, not fun.

While working on time-lines, I was checking what they had written (their homework a few days ago was to list one thing they'd done each year of their life). One of my kiddos had written that he had his tonsils out, so I was just making small talk with him while checking his spelling. 

Me: "Oh, you had your tonsils out?"
Student: "Yeah, cuz I puked on the couch."


I'll snap some pictures of our time-lines when they're finished. In the meantime, here's a fun little craftivity we did the other day to spruce up our L.A. focus board. Ruby the duck learns to do things in her own time, so we made some ducks to hang out on the bulletin board. I found the pattern online for free here... Check them out!

Here's to hoping your students are healthier than mine this week!


Kiah said...

I only have 8 students in my classroom, and when we went back to school Monday, there were only FOUR that greeted me! The rest out with the flu...Blech. It's hard to teach ANYTHING with half your class missing!!

Hope your class recovers quickly!