Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Oh goodness! I have been neglecting my little blog! I decided to make Christmas break a true break and therefore did not do ANYTHING school related! I was a little frazzled to return yesterday, but it was REAAAAAALLY nice to leave everything at school.

Yesterday, I had my little firsts write about their favorite Christmas presents for 2 reasons...
1: to work in a little descriptive writing.
2: it really cut down on the "GUESS WHAT I GOT" comments.

Let me defend myself. I DO care what they got for Christmas. Really, I do. I'm really not bitter that they got iPads and I did not. Mostly, I don't like the look on the faces of kids who didn't get "fancy" things for Christmas. My school services students from a WIDE range of financial backgrounds. Having them write about their presents instead of sharing gave them all the opportunity to be super excited about what they got.

*Side note* My kids got Furbies. Furbies are back?! They scare me.

Today we wrote about our New Year's Resolutions... I've got a fun little craftivity for them tomorrow to spruce up their writing. If it turns out super awesome, I'll share it! If it stinks, I'll share it!

I'm constantly helping my firsts to be as polite as can be, and to speak like proper little citizens. Most of the time, I LOVE their little quirks, but there's one that has alllllllllways bugged me. Aposta. You know you've heard it. "What are we aposta do now?" or "Where are we aposta put our folders?" My response is usually "A posta hangs on the wall. Try again." This always gets a laugh and I love it. Today one of my kiddos asked his neighbor what they were aposta do on their morning work. His neighbor, one of my lower readers, which made it even more priceless, replied with "it's SUPPOSED to... a posta hangs on the wall."

Made my day. Happy 2013!


Sandy said...

Furbies?!?!? I love it!!!!!! :-) Great idea to have them write about their presents!!!! I was just trying to decide what to write about when we get back! Thanks! :)

Kiah said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've heard "aposta"...yikes! I love your reply and will DEFINITELY have to remember that one when we go back on Monday!
{Side note} So happy I found another first grade teacher with great creativity, I'm a new follower!