Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Techy Teacher Tuesday

Greetings, all!  I was browsing one of my favorite teacher blogs, Queen of the First Grade Jungle, and she's hosting a Techy Tuesday link-up.  I immediately thought of something that my students are OBSESSED with right now.  Our school has a subscription to Reading A-Z, which I love, because it has an endless amount of leveled texts.  Our reading specialist (who's a long-term sub and is leaving next week and I'm super bummed because our kids LOVE her and she's doing amazing things for them) introduced us to Raz-Kids...

Oh my gosh.  It's amazing.

Raz-Kids allows you to input your entire class, along with their individual reading levels.  When your students log on to the site, they are given a wide variety of texts to choose from, ALL ON THEIR LEVEL.

Each book gives them the option to read the book, listen to the book & take a quiz.  When they finish each of these things, they earn "stars" that can be used to "purchase" pointless super awesome prizes!  It lets them buy aliens and planets and lots of other stupid fun things!

Making this product even COOLER, you can download a FREE iPad app if you have an account set up.  With the marking period rolling to an end, I've been listening to sight words and DIBELS and other fun things.  I checked out enough iPads at school for a whole reading group, and it kept those little cherubs as happy as clams while I pulled them to read for me.

Hope you're able to use this in your classroom!


Sara at school said...

Is Raz kids part of you. reading A to Z subscription? I think we have a subscription, but I've never used it :(. I'll have to check it out.