Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nonsense Freebie!

My little firsts are taking their Winter DIBELS tests tomorrow morning and we've been hammering those short vowel sounds so they *should* blow those nonsense words out of the water.  But just in case, I made a quick little FREEBIE to help them practice!!

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This game is very similar to my short vowel freebies on TpT.  Students pull cards that all contain CVC and short vowel nonsense words.  If they read it, they keep it!  If they pull a KA-POW card, they have to put all their cards back.  My kiddos LOVE playing these games!!  Enjoy!!


R addington said...

Thanks for the freebie! I must say I'm pretty impressed that you're doing a blog your first year teaching. I remember I was just trying to survive my first year:) I'm curious to read your blog and get a male perspective on teaching first grade. We have one male first grade teacher and he is awesome. He's always the only male at our professional development meetings.
Ruth Anne