Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Time is Here... (Cyber Monday Sale!!)

Yeah yeah. I'm one of those people who starts Christmas WAY earlier than I should. Get over it.

So, if you're one of the lucky teachers (like I am) you're still cozied up in your PJ's today! I even had off school yesterday, AND we don't go back until next Tuesday... Something about hunting season on Monday? I don't know. I've never fired a gun. Since we just had school on Monday this week and we were not extremely productive, my wife met me for lunch and read The Grinch to my kiddos before she left! I told the kids she was coming, and one of my sweet little firsties goes "Is she the pretty lady from the picture on your desk??" Made my day.

They were SUCH a good audience!!

And to further prove that I'm already WAY too in the Christmas spirit, here's what I'll be doing tonight... 
Yes, that's me. Yes, I'm dressed as Santa. All through high school and college, and now randomly, I give tours on the Hershey Trolley, where I'm paid to dress up in lots of different costumes and play characters throughout Milton Hershey's life... at Christmas, I even play Santa. It's pretty ridiculous. And awesome. And tonight, I'm covering for a friend who has strep throat. Yuck.

AAAAAAAAND! I'm joining in on the TPT cyber Monday/Tuesday sale by putting my store up for an additional 20% on top of the normal sale! I'm working on December Morning Work NOW, so it will be up sometime on Sunday so you can snag it super cheap!!
Now's the time to load up your cart!! Here's some things I can't wait to get!!
*Elf magic! {craftivities & printables} by A Cupcake For the Teacher
*Christmas Around the World by Falling Into First
*Just about every Christmas themed thing that Creative Clips has to offer...

What's in YOUR cart???
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