Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Currently

Can you believe that it's AUGUST?! I've spent a few days in my room casually cleaning and decorating, but now I feel like I need to hurry!

Anywho, it's time to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Listening - I've been on a big Mumford kick this summer... Not sure why, but I'm loving it! There's this back country road near our house that I jog down, and when I'm the only one in sight (except for some cows and ducks) with my Mumford music blasting, it's awesome! Love love love.

Loving - this little cool front that's working it's way through Pennsylvania is amazing. I wish it would stay here all summer.

Thinking - I'm going to try Daily 5 in my room this year, but have NO clue how it's going to work. I have an aide in my room, so I'm still trying to work out a routine where my kids will meet with me for guided reading, meet with her for spelling/grammar, AND get 5 other things accomplished in just a few short precious hours? It's a puzzle for sure.

Wanting - I'm a hoarder. Aren't we all? I literally have no more room in my cabinets. It's bad. And I keep buying junk and now I have nowhere to put it!

Needing - I'm working really hard on my August/September back to school morning math work... Working really hard. Honest. As I stop to post this instead. I'm getting there!

B2S Must Haves - 
1. Honestly, I'm loving the way my B2S math is turning out. The first 20 days are number sense for 1-20, with a new number each day. The rest will be like my other morning math that I posted towards the end of last year. Stay tuned! You won't wanna miss it!
2. I bought cheap book bins last year. I'm now regretting it. If you love yours, where'd you get them?!
3. I printed out the supply labels that came in my classroom set-up packs, and I can't wait to start putting them up! I think it'll really help my students (and myself!!!!)

Have you linked up with Farley yet? :-)
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Teaching With Style and Grace said...

I can't wait to see your B2S Math packet. I am your newest follower!

Becky said...

I'm your newest follower thanks to Farley's rule of 3!

Angie said...

I'm visiting from Read with me abc--I'm a fellow PA blogger too! Love your blog :). I'm following now! Hopefully ill have someone to watch my littles next time there's a meet up!! It looks like it was a blast!

(I don't have my codes ready to paste from my iPad--but you can come visit me over at Rulin' the Roost!

Nick R said...

I think you'll like Daily 5 if you get it up and running! Remember, they don't have to do all 5 every day, so they could just rotate through Guided Reading with you, Word Work with a para, Read to Self, and then another center that rotates between Write about Reading, Listen to Reading, and Read to Someone.

And I'm loving this cool PA summer too!

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