Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Day More!

There are only 4 hours left before some sweet, sweet time off! Tomorrow is a half-day, then we're done! Today was field day at our school, and we weren't quite sure if the rain was going to hold off long enough! It stated to sprinkle as we were lining up for a school-wide photo... perfect timing!

I wanted to share 2 awesome end of the year finds! First off, I found these candy bar awards on TpT and I aboslutely love them! I can't wait to give them to my little firsts tomorrow!! You can find them *HERE*.  I love love love them. There's 50ish different awards to choose from so that you can give each student a different one. Since I'm a Hershey native, these were a must!

I also found these bubble tags for FREE! I got bubbles 3 for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, and wrapped them with these little gems. They say "You Blew Me Away This Year!" and I love the way they turned out. Fun, easy, and cheap.
Do you have any fun end of the year gifts/awards that you do with your class?

Enjoy the rest of your year if you're not done yet!!