Saturday, June 8, 2013

Classroom Set-up Pack

Well, school's out for summer! Yesterday was our last day, and I woke up feeling like my sinuses had been run over by a train. I popped some sudafed, which wore off as my kiddos walked out the door. Couldn't have asked for better timing. However, now I have to go back Monday to finish cleaning my room, since I got nothing done yesterday afternoon...

In other news, I've been VERY busy creating some new posters and other goodies for my room that I'd love to share!! Check out my first Classroom Set-up Pack.  This is hopefully the first of multiple sets to be made. This one is all stripe themed.

*UPDATE* I just finished CHEVRON, too!! 

It includes all of the following:
-Alphabet posters with pictures (26)
-Number posters with ten frames (1 thru 20)
-Word wall letter headers (26)
-Clock numbers (every 5 minutes)
-Table numbers (1 thru 6)
-Group numbers (1 thru 6)
-Name plates (4 patterns)
-Student numbers (1 thru 30)
-Supply labels: crayons, markers, scissors, highlighters, glue, glue sticks, glue bottles, colored pencils, pencils, dull pencils, sharp pencils, stencils, notebook paper, construction paper, dry erase markers, paper, games, recess games, puzzles, erasers, folders, homework, homework folders, mailboxes, chalk, rulers, tape, timers, whisper phones, calculators, paper clips, rubber bands, post-it notes, notebooks, paint, play-doh, pipe cleaners, stapler, pens, stamps, ink pads, stickers, counters, counting bears, clocks, money, place value blocks, ones, tens, hundreds, plane shapes, tangrams, solid figures, fractions, dice, number tiles, spinners, uni-fix cubes, white boards, chalk boards.

Wanna win a copy? Enter using my FIRST RAFFLECOPTER!!  Winner will have their choice of stripes or chevron (or something else if I finish more!!)
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I can't wait to print them out and use them in my room next year!!


1st Grade Rocks said...
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1st Grade Rocks said...

You pack looks very cute!! I can't believe that you are already planning for next year....I have thoughts in my head but nothing completed yet. Common Core I Can statements would be awesome!! We have to have them posted in our room when we are 'targeting' a specific standard.

Rachel said...

Chevron or Polka Dots

Christy said...

Adorable! I love that I get to reboot every year and wipe the slate clean (if needed).
Mrs. Holder’s First Grade

Sara said...

Polka Dots!
Polka Dot Kinders

sarah said...

I say polka dots too!

elizabeth.parce said...

You are way ahead of the game! I am still purging and packing my classroom for the summer. I would love to see some primary colored polka dots!

The Polished Teacher said...

Love this pack! Great job for your first set! I would love to see polka dots or chevron in the future as well!

The Polished Teacher

Mrs. Moyer said...

I vote polka dots! I'm going in Monday to finish packing up also. Saying goodbye to Tim, Randy n Laura didn't leave much time to clean! I can't believe u r already working on next year!!!