Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Currently

I must admit. It was really nice switching those numbers on the calendar to our last full month... It's hard to believe that May is really, actually, finally here.

Anywho, here's my May Currently, thanks to Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade...

LISTENING - I hit shuffle on iTunes, and Green Day came on, and I'm really loving this little throw back! Haven't listened to them in quite some time, and I'll probably be on a kick for a bit.

LOVING - I found these awesome metal, deck-mounting tiki torches at Lowe's for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. Seriously? I'm pretty sure those giant wooden ones were actually more expensive. Point is, they're awesome, and I've been sitting on the deck every night even if I'm in sweatpants to stay warm. Summer is almost here and I'm more than ready.

THINKING - I spent today and Tuesday our district office with a small group of teachers going through all the Reading Street stories and writing new questions that are aligned to the Common Core. I know, you're jealous. It's ok. When I got back yesterday, the substitute's note read "Your class was fantastic!  I can't wait to see them again on Thursday!" Am I the only one who doesn't like getting messages like this from substitutes? Don't get me wrong. I'm glad they were good. BUT. Come on. I know my kids better than that. I know whats-her-name didn't stop talking and whats-his-name was whining.

WANTING - My online masters program starts Monday. I still have no idea what website to go to, let alone how to log on. I'm starting to get more than a little nervous.

NEEDING - I died about 150 coffee filters yellow just now for a super awesome craft tomorrow, and they're currently spread out all over the kitchen island drying... It'd be super fantastic if they were dry in the morning.

SUMMER BUCKET LIST - I kind of sort of really want to get a tattoo... Nothing too big, nothing visible, but I've been thinking about it for quite some time, and something tells me I should just do it. I hate needles though, so I'm not so sure how it will go, if it goes at all.  We'll see!

Stay tuned for pictures of our May project :-)


Sara said...

I got my Masters online and it was so nice! Good luck! Coming over from the linky.
Polka Dot Kinders

Mr. Michelbook said...

Get the ink! It hurts a little in the beginning then it gets numb.

I'm a new follower. Exciting to see another male first grade blogger!