Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Instagram Teacher Snapshots

Hello! I hope that wherever you are, it's as beautiful as it is in central PA! I've been a little MIA in blog-land lately... The symphony that I play in had their gala over the weekend and we have had many late-night rehearsals. I tend to come home and crash. I've also been working hard on grad school applications, and am nervous/excited to start my masters in curriculum and instruction on MONDAY! YIKES!

Anywho, I've been toying with setting up an instragram account for my little blog, and found the perfect reason. One of the blogs I follow, Clutter-free Classroom, set up a May photo a day for teachers! I'm excited to see how things pan out!  If you instragram, look for my username @mrfirstgrade.  You can also link to the page HERE.

Day 1 - Calendar. I love our weather graph. I erased it and started fresh for the second half of the year. Having this bad boy during calendar time made graphing a breeze when it came up in math! I also love the days of school counter with the coffee straws. Made regrouping a whole lot easier when it came up. My firsts knew from the get-go that only 9 people could live in the ones apartment, and as soon as somebody else showed up we had to "bundle them up and ship them next door!" It's funny because that little phrase really stuck with them! Every time we regroup, somebody will go "bundle them up!" Cracks me up.