Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Fun

So, I may be a little last minute, but here's some Valentine things that are going on in my world right now... I made these crayons for my students last year, and they were a HUGE hit! Very inexpensive. Very easy.

I went to the local Dollar Store and bought a few boxes of crayons. After practically bruising my thumb from scraping wrappers off of crayons, I found a MUCH easier way to peel them. Plop those suckers into some water, let them hang out for a short while, and the wrappers literally fall right off. Who knew?!

Snap the crayons into little chunks, OR use an old pair of scissors to cut them up. Using a silicon muffin pan, I baked my crayons at 320 for about 15 minutes. Take a peek, you'll be able to tell when they're totally melted through. I let them rest on a wire cooling rack so they would harden faster. BE CAREFUL, because the silicon mold is VEEEERY flexible, and the wax will be super hot. Pop them out when they're hard again, and voila! (I just typed viola and had to fix it. I'm such a musician). Easy peasy. 

Also made some Valentine's garland that's draped all over the room. Again, SUPER easy. Our die cut machine has a heart that presses out a heart AND an outline at the same time. Our school was using the hearts for a school-wide fundraiser for the Heifer Project, and I stole politely asked for the outlines. Make a cut at the bottom, slide another heart in, then tape it shut. Repeat this process a bazillion times and VOILA! (accidentally typed viola again).

AND, last but not least, I can't WAIT to make these Splat the Cat's with my kiddos tomorrow!! (If we don't have a delay...)

Happy V Day!


Angie Henry said...

Great idea to make the crayons as gifts!

Mr. First Grade said...

Thanks! They're fun to make and the kids really enjoy using them!

Happy V Day!

Julie Goode said...

Super cute!
The Techie Teacher

Tamra Sarah said...

We love the Splat the Cats! Hope your class got to make them!

:) Tamra and Sarah