Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Four Footed Friends

So... I gave in and got a class pet. I was a little hesitant at first, but figured, what the heck! I got an email about a free guinea pig that was in a home with 2 young kids who'd grown bored with their little pet. They named him Jelly Bean, because the Easter Bunny brought him, and I don't have the heart to change his name! He's actually the sweetest little thing and is VERY good with the kids!

I'm curious.

Do you have a class pet? Do you allow it to go home for weekends and/or the summer? Still trying to figure out what I'd like to do! Open for suggestions!


Judy Wright said...

I have two guinea pigs (the kids named them Chocolate and Vanilla). They are awesome pets! My students love it when they squeak, and I will often take them out when the kids have been good. We create a circle on the rug and let the guinea pigs run around in the middle.

I don't send them home on the weekends. I just make sure the water and food are full, and they are fine. I've even left them for a whole week. I have sent them home over the summer, though. I choose a student that I has been conscientious and trustworthy throughout the year, and then make arrangements with their parents.

Judy @ rainingresources.blogspot.com