Thursday, December 13, 2012

You're a Mean One...

Alas, I have finished my Christmas door decorating. Every time I thought I was done, I just kept adding things! Our school is begininning to look as if Christmas threw up in the halls, and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Check out some of the things we did to make our "Grinchy" door decoration!

As I was painting the Grinch and hanging him up, one of the students in our building said "You need a Max!" I went YES I DO! So I set about the process of finding the perfect picture of my little pup, Charlie... I learned that if you're in a PDF file, you have the ability to blow it up and print is as a poster. So that's just what I did to make a larger-than-life-size picture of my doggie. I added the bone to his head to make the PERFECT Max for our doorway!

I wanted to find a way to include pictures of my kiddos, and thought... what better way than to turn them into Who's! So that's just what we did. I drew 4 different Who bodies for them to choose from, and took their picture with their mouth open so it looked like they were singing. I think the final product is nothing short of hilarious. Check these babies out!

I added the snow and trees as an afterthought, as the Who's appeared to be flying... Oh well! And CHECK out these awesome snowflakes that my little firsts made! I was SO surprised at how well they followed directions and cut through all those folds of paper! Made me smile :-)

Stay tuned... Our door decorating contest officially ends tomorrow, and I plan on taking pictures of all the doors in our building. We sort-of went a little overboard... Go big or go home, eh?


Gigglez! said...

To make the brick did you use black paint or tape?

Anonymous said...

How did you go about making your Grinch?