Thursday, December 6, 2012

Honey Bees

Hello, all!  We use Reading Street at my school and I was thinking of a way to spruce up my reading board. Since we're currently reading Honey Bees, I decided to have my little firsts make some bees for the board! They had a blast making them, and I think they turned out pretty fun! I had them cut out the stripes BEFORE they cut out the bee, so that the stripes would fit perfectly. We're all about avoiding sloppy messes! I also gave the students a half sheet of paper that I had drawn 2 wings, 2 eyes and a stinger onto.

LOOK at how fun they look on our reading board!!

Here's a few pictures of what our Elf on the Shelf has been up to... He turned our homework bin into a marshmallow hot tub the hung out on top of our Christmas tree. Stay tuned - tomorrow he starts using props!