Saturday, October 25, 2014

EnVision Math Journals

We use EnVision Math at my district, and I've been searching for ways to make it a little more interactive and differentiated, so I've been working on these math journals! I started with Topic 4, because that's what we're on right now, but I plan to make all of the topics as well.

*Click the picture to see it on TPT*
*Click the picture to see it on TPT*

I'm going to be using these journals during the last 10-15 minutes of class as a way to summarize the lesson and do individual checks for understanding. I'll collect the journals daily and quickly browse through to see whether or not the student comprehends that skill.

You could also use these during guided math groups as independent time! My math block isn't very long this year, so I'm not running math group rotations, but that'd be my ideal situation for sure!
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Mandy B said...

Great center idea! I always have my kids write about each unit, but by topic could be a great way to help them remember each skill. Love it!

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De Boyle said...

can you please publish units 10-16