Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently

Ohmygosh. Seriously, it's February already? I feel like we had 4 days of school in January. Oh wait, we practically did. And there's more snow coming on Monday. Oh joy. Anywho, I'm linking up with Farley for February Currently...

LISTENING - My wife and I have a problem. We pretty much don't do laundry until we run out of clean clothes. So, we're currently having a laundry marathon. It will likely take 2 days. It's pretty ridiculous.

LOVING - I had THE most amazing baked Oatmeal at one of our favorite little coffee shops.  If you live in the Central PA area, you need to go to Folklore Coffee & Company in E-town.  I love love love their breakfast sandwiches, but alas, my gluten-free self settled for oatmeal this morning.  To my surprise, it was pretty freaking incredible.

THINKING - Seriously. The first snow is fun. Possibly even the second snow. Now, we're to the point where one more snow day will mean school days tacked on at the end of the year. That will not thrill me.

WANTING - Since going gluten free, I'm becoming obsessed with salad. I'm craving a taco salad right about now.

NEEDING - I have a paper due tomorrow night... Haven't started. I have report cards due Monday morning... I'm half-way done with the narrative comments. I'm falling in love with the auto fill feature... <First name> is continuing to make wonderful progress... <He/She> scored... My goal for <him/her>... It automatically puts the kid's name and the right pronouns, and then all I have to do is go back and finish my sentences. It's pretty epic.

2 TRUTHS - I really can solve a Rubick's Cube, and I really am in rehearsals for Sweeney Todd. I'll be playing the part of Anthony, the young sailor who falls in love with Sweeney's daughter 2 seconds after he meets her. I'm practically one of the only characters who doesn't die in the end. It's really the craziest show I've ever been a part of.

FIB - I could never be a vegetarian. Like, never ever.
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lola said...

I am so glad I found your blog through 'Currently'. You are hilarious. We have NOT had one single snow day this year. I agree one or two big snows are nice, but after that...done!

Preschool Wonders

AlyseC said...

I was just saying that I can't believe it is February either! Being from southern AZ, I hardly even know what snow even looks like so I can't imagine all those snow days. I laughed out loud at the laundry comment because my husband and I do the exact same thing! I'm happy to meet you!

Keep Calm and Apple On

Daliene Hendon said...

YAY for first grade! I can't imagine that many snow days. Oh my. Just two ice days here in TX but it made the kids extra wacky and hyped up! lol VERY cool that you are doing Sweeny Todd. How is the GF going? I wanted to rip limbs and beat people with them by day four...sheesh that sounds violent! lol Fun to find you through the linky!

Mrs. Solis said...

LOL, you made me a laugh about the laundry issue. I tend to do the same...just out of laziness! Good luck on your paper! Have a great Saturday!:)

Mrs. Solis Teaching Treasures

Jess C said...

Do you use a standards based report card? If so- what do you think of it? We got a new one this year and it is now 4 pages long. I like the amount of detail it communicates to parents, but oh my are they time consuming to write.

Janae said...

Love your blog! I'm with you on the laundry bit, I only do it when I'm out of clean clothes... Sorry for all the snow days. I guess I shouldn't complain about the cold week we're about to have here in AZ. My Canadian blood is thinning quickly! :)

The Sharpened Pencil

Miss Cosby said...

Taco salad (and queso!) sound amazing right now!?! I was wondering how you'd truly have an amazing vegetarian taco salad. (no offense to my veggie friends, lol)

I'm currently bumming around (finishing some marathon laundry myself) on yet another snow day here in the midwest.

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