Monday, February 17, 2014


We weren't supposed to have school today, but it ended up being a snow make-up day... and it was also the 100th day... and we exchanged Valentine's since we had a snow day on our party.

I'm surprised I'm still alive. But, I did manage to take some pictures! Check out some of the things we did today :-)

SO. I've officially seen the ways of the Daily 5 and I have no intention of ever stopping... until the next big thing comes along. I LOVE that it lends itself so well to fun little activities like these. At word work today, I put out a page that had my firsties list 100 words. I was SO surprised at how creative they were! I fully expected them to use the word wall and their spelling lists, but they went around and collected calendar words and words from posters and my heart went a-flutter.

Instead of guided reading today, I had them write about life would be like if they were 100 years old... Some personal favorites included "I'll play bingo and eat soft food since I won't have teeth" as well as "if my children are old enough they can take care of me."  They're a hoot and a half.  I also put out a list at work on writing that had them list things they'd love to have 100 of and things they'd hate to have 100 of. One of my kiddos just got stitches on his forehead from falling on the ice, so he said he'd hate to have 100 stitches... priceless.

AND, since today was also our Valentine's Day celebration, and since I love to utilize every moment of the day to the max, I had my aide's reading group squeeze in a little candy heart math.  These pages are from my Spread The Love Valentine's Day Activities pack, which is still for sale for the next few days.

I also came up with this simple (totally last minute) Valentine for my kiddos... Dollar tree pencils 12 for a buck?! Done. Bargain shopper.

And with all the things that were going on today, I literally forgot to tell them about President's Day. I could kick myself. Guess what we're talking about TOMORROW!

P.S. I added the 100th day of school activities as a freebie in my store... It won't be a freebie for long, because it's a pack I've been dreaming up in my head and plan on adding to very soon!!
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