Friday, January 24, 2014

Five For Friday!

This week has been absurd. We had in-service on Monday. Tuesday was a snow day. Wednesday was a 2-hour delay. Report cards are due next week. There were about 5 assessments that needed finished. I'm officially tired of snow. Like, for real. Without further ado, here's some of what happened in my life today...

1 - I revamped my math bulletin board today... It was due for a change. I always forget to update don't update the board as often as I'd like. To help counteract that, I went through the EnVision curriculum and typed up Essential Questions for the whole first grade curriculum. Yeah, it took awhile, but I'm really hoping that it'll keep me ahead of the game with updating my board! If you use EnVision, the EQ's are FREEEEE in my TPT shop.

2 - CUPID SHUFFLE! So, we were doing a brain break this morning during our sight word test. I'm obsessed with finding Just Dance videos on youtube - they make the perfect brain break! Today, I found Cupid Shuffle and we had a blast... THEN, today's math lesson was finding 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, and 10 less on a hundreds chart... I immediately started singing the Cupid Shuffle to help them understand! For 1 more, go TO THE RIGHT, TO THE RIGHT, TO THE RIGHT! For 1 less, go TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT! Priceless. They totally got it. I totally made it up on the spot planned it ahead of time. #win

3 - Favorite quotes of the day...
Student: "Did you know that Justin Bieber got arrested?"
Me: "Yes... Moving on."

Student: "Did you know that the farm show smells like... animals?"

Same Student: "I love Skippyjon Jones. I love when he goes into his closet to imaginate."

4 - The heat was broken in our faculty room today... Womp womp. I had to eat at my desk (with a space heater underneath) just so I could feel my toes. Crazy talk. In other news, my spaghetti squash with homemade lamb meatballs was INCREDIBLE. That yogurt you see? Not so incredible. Hated it.

5 - Bus dismissal. Walkers had already left. Secretary calls. It's so-and-so's last day. He's moving tomorrow.... I had NO clue. Didn't get to say goodbye, and he's one of my favorite kiddos... Very bummed.

Have a good weekend, ya'll... I'm off to happy hour with some friends for some much needed relaxing after a long week!
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KeepCalmAnd LoveFirstGrade said...

Love your just dance idea!! My class loves brain breaks- just wish I didn't have to google them at home and send the link to school to have them unblocked. Do you have access to Youtube at school? I will be searching for some this weekend!!!

Keep Calm and Love First Grade

Stacey- Monkeying Around in First said...

Your cupid dance idea is fabulous. I can't wait to give it a try in my class! Thanks so much for sharing.

Monkeying Around in First