Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grad School = Lame School

Long time, no update... Grad school is kicking my butt. Luckily, the course I'm taking is actually pretty interesting right now, but still, I'd much rather be blogging than writing a paper about the negative consequences that come along with standardized testing, especially since my little first graders don't even take any standardized tests.

Stay tuned for a new post tomorrow about how Daily 5 has been going in my room, as well as how I've developed my Work on Writing area! It's really starting to come together!!

*Proud teacher moment*

The kids at my reading table were re-reading the story silently in their heads. One reading group was silently creating word search puzzles for one another. One reading group was silently practicing their Read To Self. The other reading group was sitting on the floor with our aide, exchanging books. I heard one whisper in the room. ONE WHISPER... It went a little like this:

(Whispered to our aide, who was helping them exchange books)
"Oh wow! I can't wait to read this book about tigers!!"

I was literally on the verge of tears. Part of me wanted to let them be... The proud teacher in me wanted to stop everyone and let them know how proud I was. I couldn't help it. I told them all to stop and listen. I explained that never have I ever noticed a group as hard working as they were at this moment. I told them I felt like crying happy tears, and then I added the biggest handful of warm-fuzzies to the jar.

Here's hoping they'll do it again this week!!

Also, I'm so happy it's fall... this pumpkin spice latte has really hit the spot :-)
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