Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apples Pie Cupcakes... SAY WHAT?

Be warned... I was baking.

Don't get too excited. If I can make these, ANYONE can make these!

Our school does a "treat day" each month for the teachers, and of course this month is apple treats. My friend Carly (thanks Carly!!) taught me how to make these super simple apple pie cupcakes...

But seriously, these are the easiest things in the world and they're SO good.

All you need is:
*one box of yellow cake mix
*one can of apple pie filling
*one jar of buttercream icing

Bake the cupcakes as directed. Once they're cool, use a butter knife to slice the top off of the cupcakes. It helps if you slice down a little, too, to create a small "bowl" in the cupcake. Before you go piling apple pie filling onto the top, it helps to use a really sharp knife to CAREFULLY slice the apples up in the jar, as the slices will be too large for the cupcakes. Put about a spoon full of filling on each cupcake. Put the icing in a ziploc baggie (if you're a baker and you have one of those fancy-pants icing things, use that) and pipe lines across the top, then pipe some more icing all around the edge.

That's it. SO good. HIGHLY recommend.
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