Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week - Classroom Digs!

Heyo! It's day 2 of Teacher Week '13 with Blog Hoppin'! Today we're all sharing pictures of our classroom! Before I begin, I must tell you that my room is NOWHERE near completion, but it's at least presentable. 
Without further ado, welcome to room 110! Here's the view directly inside my door. I LOVE the classroom "rules" that were inspired by this pin. I don't have a set of "real" class rules, but we'll talk more about that on classroom management day.

Here's another view of the back of my room, with mailboxes and such.

This year, I decided NOT to use the cubbies as mailboxes, and instead am using them to house my Daily 5 book bins. I LOVE the way they look in the back of my room! Nice little pop of color in an otherwise dreary area.

Here's a closeup of my book bins, and I'm also using old library book envelopes (I've got a box of about a million of them) to hold their jobs. I give everyone a job, but again, I'll talk more about that on classroom management day.

This little section of cabinets is quite possibly one of my most favorite areas in my room. I take book jackets from hardback books and laminate them to make posters... LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also love how it's constantly growing and expanding as we get new books in our room!

I've got a few areas like this set up in my room, with chairs from Wal-mart that the students can sit in during Read To Self or Read To Someone. I also have my Daily 5 I-charts up on the bulletin board. I decided not to make anything fancy, as the fabric is already a little busy. I sort of like how simple it is, though!!

This shelf, right inside the door, holds my lunch sticks on top, and everything on the shelf is what can be used during Word Work. There's currently stamps, wiki sticks, magnetic letters, letter tiles, and some sight word games on popsicle sticks. Hope to develop some new fun and exciting things for this shelf, but for now, simple is fine.

Student supplies, with my AWESOME new pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!!

Reading table. I'm going to use the bulletin board behind the table as my CAFE board eventually, but NOT as the year begins. I don't want to undertake Daily 5 and Cafe for the first time, at the same time.

Love this set of drawers that I got for my Work On Writing area!! I'm hoping that each drawer will eventually become a different writing option (letters, cards, sticker stories, etc.) and that some of the drawers will house things they need to publish their writing.

Carpet space! Love love love my rug from Target.

I'm in the process of replacing my book bins with these awesome white Sterilite bins. Every time I go to the Dollar General, they only have like 7 at a time, so of course I buy all 7 then check back the next week. I'm pretty much stalking them. I need 4 more. Not gonna lie, I'm going to be very crushed if I don't have all matching bins by Back To School Night next Thursday...

My math bulletin board is a work in progress... Not sure what all is going on it yet... I've got my "I Can" Statements all printed and laminated and ready to roll, but I'm still toying with what else is going there. I have time, I'm not stressing, but I'm sort of stressing over it anyways. What do you put up on your math board??

That's it for now!! Check back tomorrow for Organizing For Instruction!!
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Bethany Hunter said...

Your room looks great! I love the little green chairs for your kids.

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Meredith Walsky said...

Love your classroom! It's so organized, bright and cherry. It matches your blog as well!

1, 2, Eyes On You!

Mrs. Mariano said...

Andrew-Looks awesome! I just got into my room today, and after having a wrestling match (and losing) with the butcher paper, I had to leave for an appt. So, no classroom pics yet. I am printing and laminating as I type this though! I love the white bins and the chevron fabric!!!! Good luck at Open House.
That First Grade Blog

Wendy Arentz said...

Your room looks aMaZinG! You look ready to start today! Hope you have a great school year!

Read With Me ABC

Mrs. Brooks said...

I love the idea of laminating book jackets to use as posters! :D They always just get ratty and come off anyway. Great idea!

Lindsey at Forever First Grade