Monday, August 26, 2013

Sniffles to Start the Year

Well, I survived the first day... barely.

I've been fighting a cold since the end of last week. Started out as just coughs, which were manageable with dayquil and some cough drops. Well, today, I woke up with a nose that wouldn't stop running, and sneezes so violent I thought my insides were going to fly out.

On top of all this, I forgot that first graders start the year as kindergarteners. Who knew?! I had visions of the "end product" in mind, and when the kids that walked in my door were nothing near that, I was a little frazzled. Nothing too crazy, just typical start-of-the-year behaviors that need squashed.

I had wonderful intentions of taking tons of pictures of our activities, but I never got there. I'll try to take some tomorrow. We DID do some really fun things I'd love to share, but I just couldn't find it in me to go "above and beyond" today. Here's hoping that my nose stops running and that I can actually enjoy a day with my kids tomorrow!

Did YOU start school yet?? How'd it go?? Do tell!!
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Mrs. Moyer said...

Hope ;your feeling better soon! I had a fabulous day, hard not to with only 14 students!! Probably a small 3rd world nation will move into town over night and they will all be placed in my room, but for now I am going to enjoy it! It was great to have Kaylee next door also for the first time! Can't wait to see what you did this week! ;)

Wendy Arentz said...

Feel better!

Can't wait to see pictures of your week. :)

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Mrs. Brooks said...

It's hard to remember to take pics during "first week madness" (ok, any week madness! LOL). I give you a lot of credit for blogging in years one and two... I felt like I barely had my head on straight back then! Looking forward to your pics! :)

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