Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabulous Feedback

Good evening! I was JUST thinking about all the wonderful positive feedback I've been getting in my TpT shop when I saw a Fabulous Feedback link-up hosted by Christina at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge!

Here's how it works. I chose 2 comments that made me smile, and if you wrote them, you can have any item from my TpT shop for free! Consider it my way of saying "thank you" for leaving such fabulous feedback! It's that easy. SO, read on, and if it was you, send me an email and you can have any item you want.

First off, "Common Core Galore and More" had this to say about my Circle and Square Fractions... This clipart pack contains circle fractions up through sixths, and square fractions up through fourths, in gray, blue, green and pink. I've used it to create many of my morning work packs! Click on the feedback to check it out in my TpT shop.
The other feedback I chose was written by "Rgreg" about my April Morning Work - CC Math Skills. I've created an August/September version to compliment the April and May versions that I made at the end of last year. I plan on filling in the rest of the months as the school year progresses, so please check back for those as they're made! Again, click the feedback to see it in my TpT shop.

So. If you're "Common Core Galore and More" or "Rgreg," send me an email! I'd be happy to send you anything you'd like from my shop as a "thank you" for leaving such wonderful feedback on my items :-)

Anybody start school next week? Next week marks my last week of "freedom," as the following week is filled with in-service...


Wendy Arentz said...

Next week is my last week of 'freedom' too. Enjoy!
Hope you have a great school year!

Read With Me ABC

~Sheri~ said...

2 more weeks of freedom but I will most definitely be in my room during that 2nd week!!! Last week of August is FULL of in-service & open house. Best of luck with your new group of kiddos this year! :)

Christina Bainbridge said...

Thanks for linking up! Your blog looks awesome! :)

*Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

Mrs. Brooks said...

What a lovely linky! I think it's great to give something to those who leave thoughtful commens. I will have to remember that and link up if she does it again... and if more people leave feedback in my brand new store lol. :)

Wow, you go back early! My first few years of teaching were in eastern PA and I got my degree at Elizabethtown, but the majority of my teaching years have been in central NJ. We go back after Labor Day. Glad I found your blog! :)

Lindsey at Forever First Grade