Saturday, August 17, 2013

B2S Sale AND 200 Followers Giveaway!!

It's happening! The big TPT back to school sale goes live tomorrow!

Button by Krista Wallden

I'll be joining in on the fun by putting my entire store on sale for an additional %20 off! Use the promo code BTS13 to save up to 28% on all those wish list items!!

In celebration of this AMAZING TpT sale, I'm linking up to showcase 2 of the most wish-listed items in my store, and one that I'm dying to purchase tomorrow!!

#1 - My "I Can" Statements are currently the highest wish-listed item in my store! I just printed and laminated all of mine and I am SO glad about the way they turned out! I filed them by groups (measurement and data, geometry, etc) and can't wait to start slapping them up on my bulletin boards!

#2 - Next in line on my store's wish list are my Math Morning Work. I forget which month is in the lead, but they're all pretty close! I can't wait to use the August/September version! It starts out with number sense activities that I think will lend themselves very well to the first few weeks of school!!

And what I'm most excited to purchase off of MY wish list is this Writing Center Start-up Kit from A Cupcake For the Teacher. I already have a writing center pack, but this one looks amazing and I'd love to have a blend of both of them!! Can't wait.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!! I'm getting ever so much closer to 200 followers on my blog, and I've got a fantastical giveaway planned. I've been in contact with some of my favorite bloggers and they're all donating some pretty awesome stuff!! Check next week to see what's in store!!!!!
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Rae said...

I've just wishlisted those 2 products of yours! I can't wait until Sunday :)

Also if you need more help with your giveaway - send me an email. I'd love to help out:)

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