Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Wow! All ya'll teachers out there weren't lying when you said the end of the year was crazy! This is the first time I'll be wrapping up the year in my very own classroom and therefore get to deal with everything that is the end of the year in an elementary classroom. Oh yeah, and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to start grad school a few weeks ago. There's always that, too. Ugh! It also makes me very jealous to be reading that so many of you are already done?! Am I the only one in the world that still has 2 more weeks left?! June 7... 8 1/2 days... I can do this.

Since I have officially lost all of some of my motivation and creativity, I thought it would be the perfect idea to instead jump on the summe bucket list bandwagon and forget about all I still have to cram into the next 2 weeks!

I'm linking up with some awesome bloggers for this linky party... Check out their blogs if you don't already follow! A Cupcake for the Teacher... Miss Kindergarten... A Modern Teacher...

I need to purge my cabinets. Very badly. I took over for a wonderful teacher who graciously left me everything. Unfortunately, she graciously left me everything. As a first year teacher, I had NO idea what I would need, so I kept it all. Now I have no room in my cabinets, so I think it's time for a good purge. My goal... If I didn't use it, I'm tossing it. This is a very scary thought because I've sort of become a little first grade pack-rat.

I've been exploring The Daily 5 as opposed to traditional centers... I want to actually read the book this summer and see if it's something that I can work into my classroom next year. The biggest issue I'm running into is that of space in my room. Our rooms are TINY, but I still want to find a "home" for all the components of the Daily 5... I see some major room redecorations in my future!

Run. Run run run. I'm so out of shape it's not even funny. I do this thing where I sign up for a race, practice real hard, run the race, then stop running. It's not a good scenario. 

I want to play the piano more. I've been playing for ages, but recently haven't been playing much. I play my violin in a local symphony, but rarely get a chance to tickle the ivories. 

By golly, I want to finish a book.  I've been reading The Art of Racing in the Rain for a very long time. I'm loving it, but I just can't seem to find time to read a book!  We're cruising from Venice this summer, and I plan to do lots and lots of reading on that freakishly long airplane ride!

*Sidenote*  I've never flown across the ocean and I'm terrified.

Do you have any fun summer plans??


Erin and Ryan said...

#3 - I signed up for the Hershey Half {Oct} and planning to sign up for Harrisburg Half {Sept}...that's the only way I stay motivated to actually push myself when working out. Do another half!

#5 - We're going to Hawaii...the long plane ride has my head spinning. I had no idea it was that long when I begged Ryan to take me there!! 0:-)

Mr. Michelbook said...

I started Daily 5 last year. It's crazy in the beginning but once the routines are set it runs pretty smoothly.

Mr. Michelbook's Classroom

Sarah Hankinson said...

I understand #1! I took over for a first grade teacher and she left EVERYTHING when she moved to 6th grade. I've been in first for 3 years and am STILL throwing things out! Good luck!

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Ms. Cranfill said...

My cabinets are the same way! The teacher who left my room left so much crap, but I thought I might need it! I plan on throwing lots out!

Ms. Cranfill's Class