Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Graphing fun!

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I hope you're all having a super-dooper week! We just started talking about data and graphing in math, and my little firsts really enjoyed making this graph as a group! Sorry for the terrible pictures, all I had was my on-the-fritz iPhone. Seriously, I'm due for an upgrade next week and it just started acting up...

Anywho, terrible pictures aside, we graphed our favorite book characters as a warm-up to today's lesson. I let them all choose a character to color, then we talked about the best way to organize our information. I was SO proud of them for pulling out that background knowledge and screaming "WE CAN MAKE A GRAPH!" Yes. Yes, you can!

*If you're a Mo Willems fan like I am, you'll see why I squealed with joy upon finding this little gem... Mind you, I gave them just a standard pigeon, not holding anything in his hands.*
She gave him a flipping hot-dog!  made my day. After making our class graph, we moved onto today's lesson. We use EnVision math, and today's lesson started with a bar graph that I asked them questions about. Every question I asked was along the lines of "looking at the graph, how many..." or "on the graph, what can we..." You get the point. I jammed the word graph down their throats.

5 minutes into the lesson. Hand goes up.

Me: "Yeah, what's up?"
Captain Obvious: "IT'S A GRAPH!"

Yes. Yes, it is.

We also just planted our brassica seeds (we use FOSS kits.) We're really hoping they sprout soon, because looking at soil is getting a little boring. Do you use FOSS kits or something similar? I'm struggling with keeping it exciting, and am looking for input!

Have a good night!