Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lady in the Moon

Hello! We use Reading Street at my school, and are reading Lady in the Moon this week. Don't get me wrong, I really do like our reading series, but every once in a while a really boring not as fun story pops up. For me, this is one of them. There were some fun bits that we enjoyed reading, but other than that, my kiddos were a little restless in reading groups. SO, I decided to spruce things up in our room with these Chinese lanterns. We really enjoyed reading about the Lanterns, so I KNEW my firsts would absolutely love this little craftivity. Very easy, and definitely a fun one!

Here's whatcha do. Find some Chinese clipart to spruce up the page (I like to use an oaktag because it holds up a little longer). The most important part is the row of dots at the bottom of the page. About an inch from the bottom, and about an inch apart. These will be very important later, so tell the students NOT to color over them with a dark color. Let the students color the page until their little hearts are content.

When they're all done coloring, have them fold the page in half, hot-dog style. Then, starting on the side with the fold, cut straight up to each dot. TO MAKE THINGS EASIER, I folded the pages and made the first cut for my kiddos, just to make sure they didn't chop it in half! Once it's all sliced up, open it up and staple the top and bottom to form the lantern!

Super easy. Super fun. Kiddos will love it! Happy almost-weekend!


R addington said...

I hear ya on the Lady in the Moon. One year I let them eat moon pies and melons after we had read it. I wasn't as ambitious this year. That one and Mr. Bones. Snore... I love trying explain 'dapper' to a bunch of 6 year olds. They love dinosaurs but it's written so over their heads. It's over my head. Now some teachers can't stand Alexander Graham Bell, but I like it.

-Ruth Anne
Mrs. A's First Grade

Ellen Behringer said...

Thanks for the great idea! We read this story last week and did this craft and it was FUN FUN FUN! The kiddos were really amazed at what these looked like!