Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do You Dojo?

Last week I discovered an awesome resource... Class Dojo!

Class Dojo is a resource that you can use to track your students' behaviors in real time. You have the ability to input your entire class (and multiple classes if you have the need.) It can be accessed online, and on your smart phone. I downloaded the app to my iPhone, and take it with me throughout the building. LOVE that I'm able to give my kids immediate feedback, even on the go!
You have the ability to customize the behaviors that you'll be tracking. I let my class help me determine what positive behaviors they should get points for, and what negative behaviors should cause them to lose points. Here's what they came up with, and I think they're pretty good!
One of MY favorite features of Dojo is the report. You can open up individual and whole class reports. It's broken down into how positive their feedback was, AND the percentage of each individual behavior. I think that's pretty incredible, especially for a FREE resource! You can even give parents login information, and they can choose to have reports automatically sent to them every Friday. Pretty awesome.

So... Do you Dojo?! If you use it, please share! I haven't opened it up to parents yet, but I'm hoping to soon!

I just started working on a new TpT product... I'm making a series of math morning work, starting with April. I'm lining it up to the first grade common core standards. Is there something that your firsts struggle with that you'd like them to have a little more practice with?


Julie Marciniak said...

I totally DOJO!!
Started 2 months ago after finding a post from Megan at I Teach, What's Your Super Power! I LOVE it and won't be without it!
My parents enjoy viewing the behavior stats from home too!
Thanks for spreading the word!

Jennifer Reck said...

I love Class DOJO, too! If I don't put it on in the morning, my kids beg for it! They think they are playing a video and leveling up. I have a hard time using the negatives!
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