Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll! I love this holiday because it's an excuse to eat like a pig without anybody judging you! My wife and I are spending the day with (very Italian) family today, so it will be a non-stop eating adventure, with red wine flowing, from the moment we walk in the door. Our cocker-spaniel, Charlie, is in the doghouse with Uncle Angelo right now because he stole a piece of cheese off the antipasto while it was being delicately prepared last night. Oops!

Yesterday was our first day of Thanksgiving break, as Tuesday was a Hurricane Sandy make-up day. I decided, what better time to decorate my room for Christmas!? I've now got a delightfully tacky Christmas classroom that I can't wait for my kids to see! While I was there I took some pictures of our little Turkey project that we made just before break.  Meet my wild bunch of sight-word turkeys!

I told the students to choose 6 sight words off the word wall that they needed the most practice with! It was neat to see them reading the whole wall and deciding which words to write on the feathers!

I don't know about your students, but mine sure go gaga for googly eyes! They really enjoyed making these little guys, and it was a neat way to throw in a craft (which there's never any time for) and keep it a learning experience. Do you have any fun ways that you like to practice sight words with your students? 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Leslie said...

Your sight word turkeys look great! I think I'll try something similar with a Christmas tree and balls. Your blog looks great! I might ask for your help when I make the jump into blog land! ;) We miss u in Htown!